The Next Chapter

It’s a corny title but appropriate. I have started the next chapter of my life now that I am officially retired. At this point I can see no downside (but it’s only the second day). So far I have taken Trixie on two walks, washed the car, had lunch with my siblings, visited my folks and searched for a reasonably priced cell-phone provider. Tom and Laurin, our friends from Seattle, will be joining us for dinner tonight and Vicki told me to vacuum the stairs before she left for work.

I share a birthday (March 17) with my cousin Rosie, who lives in the great state of Ohio. Vicki and I, Mom and Dad, and my brother Jim spent a week or so visiting friends and family in Ohio a few years ago. I can’t remember if I spewed Crimson Tide trash-talk while I was there but I figure it’s probable as the Tide was kicking everybody’s butt and winning back-to-back championships right around that time. Well, last season it was the Ohio State Buckeyes’ turn to kick butt and win a championship and they put it on Bama in the college football playoffs. They were clearly the best team in the country. Coincidentally, I received a birthday gift from Rosie, shown in the adjacent photo. Payback? Hmmm, could be. Happy

I posted another
new tune for your entertainment. Let me know what you think. I gotta go vacuum now.