In my mind I am finally an old man.

My birthday cake
This week I celebrated (?) my sixty-third birthday.  That's getting up there.  Thankfully, I'm in good health but I look like I've been rode hard and hung out wet.  I mean, nobody ever says that but I have a mirror that I use every morning.  If the light hits me just right I can almost count the hairs in my head.  My chest hair is all grey.  I didn't really notice that until recently when I turned sideways and saw it in the bathroom mirror.  Everybody calls me sir, even my neighbors (except for the Goobers).  I guess I should be glad I'm still here given my rock and roll musician past.  I'm sort of like Keith Richards (hopefully) to a lesser degree...

I am not the only one who had a birthday recently.  My beautiful granddaughter Brittany turned sweet sixteen on February 27th.  Her long-suffering Mom (Diane) threw her a birthday party with a couple of dozen of her best girlfriends!  I understand it was a marathon event.  Brittany has no desire to drive or work in the public service sector which I find interesting.  Most kids her age seem to want to drive right away.  She texted me on my birthday and told me she has a new boyfriend...their church pastor's son.  I guess that's probably okay.  I told her to tell him I would open up a can of whupass on him if he mistreated her.  She said he "knows how to treat a woman" as he has three sisters.

My family is doing well.  Mom and Dad are enjoying a new heating/air-conditioning system (don't ever buy a Carrier brand).  Donna says she is still trying to figure out how to operate the thermostat.  Speaking of Donna, I hope she feels better soon...she has been puny with a cold.

My friends Tom and Lauren Linscott were in town last week.  We had them over one evening and headed down to Bonefish Grill for dinner.  I don’t believe they have that chain in Seattle.  Normally, eating at Bonefish is a great experience.  Not so this time.  The first table they seated us at had some crap all over the floor...mashed potatoes or risotto or something. There was a bunch of it and it was slippery.  The bottoms of my shoes were coated with it.  We pointed out the situation to the staff and asked for another table. I certainly wasn’t impressed with their willingness to accommodate us.  I had to go to the men's room to clean the gunk off my shoes.  After that distraction was behind us we turned our attention to the menu. I noticed my favorite entree, the Fontina Chop (14 oz. pork chop with prosciutto and Fontina Cheese on top smothered in a mushroom marsala sauce), was no longer on the menu.  I asked our waiter what the heck and he just said they no longer serve it.  I told him the ONLY reason I came there to eat was that pork chop.  I had to settle for a chicken caesar salad.  Bah!  What about the seafood you say?  Catfish is pretty much my idea of seafood.  When I got home I looked up the Bonefish website and they did indeed have the pork chop listed in the entrees.  That means the decision to drop my favorite food was a local one!  Cross Bonefish off the list!

Speaking of Tom, he recently composed a tune he calls Soul Breeze (apologies to the Ventures).  He sent me some tracks he recorded in his Seattle studio to work with and I added parts recorded in my home studio and eventually we were finished.  Tom played organ, piano, and bass, and also programmed the drums.  I played the guitar parts.  You can find it at the top of the list of songs
here.  Have a listen and et me know what you think.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately but I've got a day job and the evenings are filled with things like dinner, workouts, reading and sleep.  I'll try to do better.  Now that I have one foot n the grave maybe I'll actually retire…then I'll have plenty of time. See you soon!