Cinco de Mother's Day

Wow, May already. I must be having a good time.

Feliz Cinco De Mayo
I know Victor and the staff at Casa Blanca are having a good time on this Cinco de Mayo. They will be packed this evening I'm sure. By the way, Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistakenly referred to in this country as Mexican Independence Day but it is actually the anniversary of the Mexican Army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Mother's Day snuck up on me this year.
Moms Day 2016
My bride will be traveling down to Auburn to visit our youngest son who will treat her to an Atlanta Braves ball game. She's not a huge baseball fan so it doesn't matter that the Braves suck really bad this season. Why am I not going you ask? I will be celebrating the day with my Mom. Besides, somebody has to take care of our daughter Trixie.

Music-wise, we (me and my Seattle cohorts) are currently working on an old T-Bone Walker tune for your listening pleasure so I hope you'll stop by again soon. As Wayne and Garth say…party on!


It's Official!

I am an old fart. Yes, I am now a card-carrying member of the Medicare generation. As of this past St. Patrick's Day I am 65 years old. My only saving grace is that I am still alive and well. Considering my younger days I guess that's pretty good. I'm no Keith Richards but I was part of the 60s and 70s thing. And a (sometimes traveling) musician as well. Fortunately I am in good health although I haven't been able to find my other set of car keys for a couple of months now…

So my birthday was okay. Vicki took me out to eat and I got a handful of birthday cards and two gift cards. I bought myself a present which should be here tomorrow. My cousin Rosie had a birthday on the same day and I forgot to get her a card and I can't find her email address, so Rosalie, if you read this…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Some recent stuff…

The Culprit
We burned nearly a face cord of firewood this past winter. We don't heat the house with wood but we had a fire most every evening just to keep the den cozy. I don't know if it was the consistent use of the fireplace or what but we developed a nasty leak somewhere around the chimney. I wasn't a cheap fix but Lewis and Son Roofing Company took care of the problem for us. We've had a few frog-choker rains since the repairs with no sign of a leak (knock on wood).

I've always wanted to build my own guitar and I have checked that item off of my bucket list. Actually I just
assembled a guitar from parts that I've had laying around along with a finished body recently purchased. It turned out great. It's basically a Fender Telecaster with Custom Shop pickups. I also did considerable work on the frets to clean up some sharp edges. The color is one of my all-time favorites, Olympic White.

The Leprechaun
Miss Vicki recently traveled to North Carolina to see Brittany, our oldest granddaughter, in her off-broadway debut in the musical Chicago as performed by her high school. In addition to performing, Brittany also acted as the lead for the dancers and I think she helped with the choreography. She's been dancing from a very early age and is awesome. Vicki also got see our younger granddaughter, Kaitlyn, perform in her school's color guard competition which involves a lot of dancing and flag flapping. We are both looking forward to traveling to NC in June for Brittany's graduation festivities. Also of note, Kaitlyn is now sporting braces that you can see in the photo she texted to me on my birthday (she doesn't really look like a big-nosed leprechaun).

A couple of weeks ago my retired friend and working Seattle-based musician, Tom Linscott, and his wife Laurin we in town. Highlights of his visit included lunch at a local BBQ restaurant with a number of local rock and roll geezers (some of which were my heroes back in the day) and a recording session at my home studio. He brought me some works-in-progress to which I'll be adding some guitar and vocal parts. Hopefully we'll get something new posted on the
music page soon. Rumor has it that Tom will return this summer for the annual Rock and Roll Reunion which features some of the same geezers we met for lunch.

That's all I have for now. I haven't typed this much into a computers since I retired. Matter of fact, the one year anniversary of my retirement date is this Friday, April 1. I plan on updating this page a little more frequently so check back soon. Feel free to leave comment, complaint or alibi and as my Dad would say, remember one thing— pick one thing and remember it.



Year End Wrap-Up

Today is the first day of the not-holiday season. I love the holidays from Thanksgiving through New Year's but it gets me off my game a bit. For instance, I always eat more (mostly junk). There are the family gatherings and the church events. There is the shopping (ugh) and wrapping and worrying that you have it all covered. And there's more food (I blame Cindy). Then there are the decorations to put up and take down. It can wear a person out. Fortunately, all I have to do to get back on track is be a retired guy.

My youngest son, Kevin, just left to return to his Georgia home and job. It was nice having him here over the holidays. Christopher and Patrick spent Christmas in North Carolina with my oldest son, John, and his family so the Christmas morning unwrapping event had fewer participants. Trixie enjoyed her two gifts…a green squeaky snake made out of a firehose and a squeaky ball-shaped dog's head with long ears. She thinks she's eating real animals when they start squeaking and she goes wild and runs laps around the downstairs.

Vicki and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving. The 1975 photo below shows the big
The Big Day 1975
moment when Father Phil O'Kennedy pronounced us husband and wife. Our kids and grandkids made a big deal out of the occasion and descended upon our house for a celebration and to eat turkey while arguing. They also arranged for a photo shoot the next day with a popular local photographer. After many poses and pictures in scenic downtown we stopped at a mom and pop shop on the Square for pizza and/or gelato. The kids are treating us to the photo of our (Vicki's) choice. Vicki and I are very grateful for the gift and the time spent with our family.

My granddaughter Kaitlyn celebrated her 14th birthday on December 18. Unfortunately, she came down with a cold and her parents had to cancel her birthday party. We were able to FaceTime with her (she lives in NC) but you could tell she was all stopped up. She and her big sis, Brittany, are beautiful young ladies.

The Iron Bowl went as expected (heheh) and the Alabama Crimson Tide has again battled its way into the college football national championship game to be played next week against Clemson. If Bama can pull off the win it will be their 16th national championship. Tide running back Derrick Henry won the Heisman Trophy this year as well, which is bad for the Auburn folks because they no longer have an edge in that department and thus have nothing to brag about.

Although music production slowed for the holidays I still have one new tune that I just posted for your listening pleasure. It's called "Try It Again" and was composed by former Press On star Tom Linscott. Check it out

One of my resolutions this year is to post here a little more frequently. We'll see. Here's hoping you all have a great New Year!


Mid-Fall Report

Hard to believe it's November already. You couldn't tell by the weather…I was wearing shorts outside as recently as last Thursday. It's a little cooler this weekend but the weather gurus say it will be near 70 again
Walking the Dog
midweek. I love it except for the fact that the sun goes down around 4:45.

My daily (retirement) regimen starts with a walk with my daughter Trixie. Miss Vicki joined us on Wednesday as she had the day off for Veterans Day. The photo to the right shows my view of the action as I try to keep up with my two best girls.

Speaking of Miss Vicki, she met up with our sons Kevin and Patrick to see Auburn lose to Ole Miss on Halloween night. Kevin provided the accommodations at his swinging bachelor's pad which is just 30 minutes or so from Jordan-Hare. Trixie and I stayed home and turned off all the lights and watched TV. The weather was lousy here and it kept the trick-or-treaters home.

Still talking about Vic, I should mention that she celebrated another birthday on November 4th. She is several
Birthday Girl
years younger than I am and looks it. She surprises folks when she reveals her age. I have included a picture so you can decide for yourself.

Tomorrow I am taking delivery of my first-ever load of firewood. It's mostly in case we have bad winter weather and lose power. I had the chimney swept last week so I'm good to go there. I have the plans and materials for a firewood rack that I intend to put together tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

Things are busy on the music scene. I have been working closely with that well-known grunge musician from Seattle, Tom Linscott, on several new tunes. He has been on a creative binge and has kept me busy coming up with guitar tracks. We are currently working on a tune he composed called "Try It Again". Hopefully I'll have some new music posted within the next couple of weeks. I have just posted a remixed/remastered version of Eleanor Rigby (in D minor). I recently switched to Pro Tools 12 from Logic Pro and I used Eleanor as a training project to learn the new workstation software. Check it out…it's my best effort to date.

And finally, thank you to all of our veterans. God bless you all.


Gone But Never Forgotten

On August 31, 2015 my Dad passed away.

He was my teacher and my sounding-board.

My Best Man and my spiritual role model.

My hero.

Rest in peace Pop.