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I’m John and this is my website for sharing music created by me and my friends. The tracks below represent some of our best efforts to date (we are all geezers now but we’re still cranking it out). To find out more about me click
here. I also have a page for music-related photos here that I will be updating every now and then. Stop by often and check for new music!

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This cover of the popular Beatles tune was arranged by Seattle-based Hammond extraordinaire Bill Linscott. His brother Tom plays bass and I cover the drums and guitar parts. I call this one Day Tripper for Lounge Lizards.
This jazz standard has been covered by many including Herbie Hancock and Mongo Santamaria. This rendition features my good friend Tom Linscott on the bass guitar, organ and piano (including the smooth solo). I played the guitar parts, drums and percussion, and arranged the parts for the Press On Horns.
This tune is a tribute to my faithful companion Trixie who passed away shortly before Christmas. No matter what was going on in the studio you could find her laying in the middle of the room sleeping. On this track Tom Linscott plays the Fender bass and I’ve got the guitar, piano and drum parts. Guitars used included a PRS Custom 24, a Les Paul LPM, a Telecaster, a Fender Pawn Shop 51and a Martin acoustic. The piano and drums were created on my Yamaha workstation.
This tune is the brainchild of brothers Tom and Bill Linscott. Besides the Press On horn section the tune features Bill on the Hammond organ, Tom on bass and piano, and me on the guitars and horn arrangement. A local studio musician, Billy Teichmiller, played and recorded the drums at his studio here in town.
This is a cover of a Beatles tune generally acknowledged to be a John Lennon composition. That popular grunge-musician from the Seattle area, Tom Linscott, provided the bass, organ and piano tracks. That’s me on guitar, vocals, and drum programming. Will Ferrell handles the cowbell and the Press On Horns make a guest appearance.
This tune was originally done by the Animals during the British Invasion of the 60s. This arrangement was created by the Seattle-based Linscott brothers. That's Bill on the Hammond Organ, Tom on piano, bass and drum programming, with yours truly on guitar.
This is our arrangement of the classic Paul McCartney tune. Tom Linscott played bass and I handled the guitar, organ and vocals. That's also me actually playing the drums.
This track is a departure from the kinds of things we normally do. I really like it. That bass playing phenom Tom Linscott created this tune and played the bass, piano and percussion parts. I contributed the melody and the guitar parts.
I believe this tune is a mash-up of several tracks that Brother Bill Linscott found on the Internet. As usual, it features the Press On House Band with Bill on the Hammond, Brother Tom on the Fender bass and drum programming, and me on guitar. I used my Fender Eric Clapton Strat on this one.
This is a cover of a tune that our organist, Brother Bill Linscott, found on the Internet somewhere and liked enough to learn it. It’s not the Midnight Special that Creedence Clearwater Revival (and many others) covered and I have no idea who the original author is (a Hammond organist no doubt). Joining Bill on this jazzy-bluesy track is his brother Tom on bass and drum programming and yours truly on guitar. This is the type of song that you might hear at Gigi’s Lounge and Package Store.
This instrumental launched the group Santana after they performed it at Woodstock. Our group, Press On, recorded a wild rendition of the tune at the Patio Room in the early 70s. Forty-five years or so later we’ve reconvened and put together this version featuring Tom Linscott on bass, brother Bill on organ, Jerry Brewer on drums and me on guitar.
This tune was written by keyboard extraordinaire Stanley Traylor, a former bandmate of ours. Legend has it that the tune was inspired by a bunch of hell-raising partiers that decided to take to the pool fully clothed during one of our gigs. This version features the house band— Bill on organ, Tom on bass, and me on guitar and drum programming.
This Blues classic was written by the great T-Bone Walker. Our rendition includes Tom Linscott on the Fender Bass, his brother Bill on the Hammond organ, and yours truly on vocals, guitar and drum programming.
This uptempo instrumental features the Press On Horns. Tom Linscott wrote this tune, played bass and keyboards, and arranged the drums. Bill Linscott is responsible for the hammond organ solo and I cover the guitars and horn arrangement.
This is a cover of the classic Booker T & the MGs tune. The Linscott brothers contibuted the organ parts and I handled the rest. I used my Tele for the main riff and my Clapton Strat for the solo.
Another Booker T classic, this one features Bill Linscott on the Hammond organ, Tom Linscott on the Precision Bass and drum programming, and me on the guitar. I used my Cabronita Tele for both the main riff and the solo.
This is an old tune that has been covered by lots of folks. Tom Linscott played bass, piano, and organ, and programmed the drums. I played my Strat through my tweed Vibro Champ.
First tracked in the fall of 2008, this 2014 version has been updated with a new bass track and a couple of acoustic guitar tracks and has been remixed and re-mastered. Tom Linscott plays bass and I play the guitars. For this track I used a Les Paul, Telecaster, and Ibanez acoustic. I also programmed the drum track.
Originally recorded in 2006, this tune consists of a handful of modified Garageband loops and a lead guitar track, which I recorded using a standard Fender Telecaster. This version has a new Tom Linscott bass track and was remixed and re-mastered in the May 2014.
This tune was originally recorded in 2007 and consisted of a handful of Garageband loops along with some guitar tracks I recorded in my home studio. In early 2014 the song was updated with a new bass track played by Tom Linscott and some new guitar tracks I added. The entire project was then remixed and re-mastered. The harmony guitar parts were played on a standard Telecaster and the solo and outro were played on my PRS Mira. I also used my Les Paul to clean up a couple of rough spots.
Tom was thinking Booker T. when he composed this tune in late 2013. Tom played his Nord keyboard and Fender Precision Bass, and programmed the drums on his Alesis drum machine. I used a bunch of guitars on this one including my Strat, Tele, PRS, and Les Paul.
This is a remake of a tune written and recorded in the early 80s. I used my Ibanez acoustic and my Fender Pawn Shop 51 for the guitar parts. I laid down the drum track on my Yamaha electronic drums, and Tom Linscott recorded the bass part in his Seattle studio.
Finished in December 2011, this track is a remake of a tune that I wrote in 1980 and recorded at Southpark Studios in 1985. Tom Linscott plays the Fender Bass and I play the other stuff. I used my Fender Pawn Shop ’51 for the electric guitar parts with the exception of the solo, which was played on my PRS Mira. The acoustic parts were played on my Ibanez. It’s also my debut on drums.
This track is a mid-2011 collaboration with the Linscott brothers. It's an original tune that started as a bass line. I used my PRS SE for the harmony guitars, my PRS Mira for the rhythm and lead tracks, and my Les Paul through an RP150 for the “acoustic” track. That's Tom on bass and Bill on the organ intro.