Bad Dream

It was the middle of the night (to me anyway...might have actually been around 10PM).  I was sound asleep at the Hilton Garden Inn in Columbia, Maryland.  I was dreaming there was some commotion out in the hall.  Then I realized I wasn't dreaming and there WAS some commotion out in the hall.  I immediately assumed it was the family with the noisy kids in the room next door.  The commotion turned into repetitive sounds that I, in my delirium, couldn't identify.  It sounded like something scratching followed by something crashing into the door of my room.  It must have repeated 5 or 6 times.  Then I thought I heard someone knocking.  Then I went back to sleep.
Hotel Security Latch

After I had a cup of coffee the next morning I considered that maybe someone had tried to break into my room after I fell asleep.  I examined the little wishbone-shaped latch thingy that they put on the inside of hotel room doors that you can flip over to keep someone from opening the door from the outside.  It looked like it had been pushed inward to me.

I was down at the front desk early the next morning checking out and the guy asked me if the bill I received was correct.  I said I hadn't seen a bill.  He said there should have been one slipped under the door.  I gave him my key cards and told him I was checking out of room 324.  He seemed surprised.  Then he asked me my name and clicked around on his computer.  While he was doing that I asked if he was aware of any commotion on the third floor the previous night.  I could see that he found something in his computer by the look on his face.  He said he thought he knew what the commotion was.  Apparently their records showed me as being in room 204.  So they had rented the room I was actually in to someone else who, of course, proceeded to try and enter it.  The scratching sound was the person swiping their key card and the crashing was likely the sound of a shoulder being put to the door to open it.  After multiple tries the person must have knocked on the door. Mystery solved.

The moral of the story: those wishbone-shaped latch thingies really work!