It's fall again.  And the armadillos are tearing my yard up.  You might remember a couple of years ago I had a similar problem. I hate those ugly, stinky creatures.  I know that there may be some Auburn folks reading this post who think armadillos are great in chili so I won't belabor this, but enough is
Little Redheaded Girl
enough.  My front yard looks like it has been shot up by a .50 caliber machine gun.  I called the Armadillo Hunter and he has set up some traps to catch the goober(s).  Hopefully that will happen tonight!

My youngest, Kevin, was treated by Kia Motors of America to an all expense paid trip to West Point, Georgia for an interview today.  Kevin passed out a bunch of resumes at a recent job fair held at his school and has had a number of interviews as a result.  He graduates in December and I'm hoping to get him off the payroll as soon as possible.  Then I just might just take a permanent hiatus from work...

You may have already guessed that the cute little redheaded girl in the picture is St. Vicki.  She had a beautiful smile even back then.

I have been collaborating with my friend Tom Linscott and we have worked up some new tunes which you can find
here.  I’ve uploaded one new track entitled “Coming Home” (not sure who actually wrote it), and a new version of the Beatle’s “Eleanor Rigby”. Eleanor is in a different key (Dm) and has new vocal and guitar parts. We also have a couple of things in work including one tune that has a guest appearance by that gridiron star of Huntsville High Class of '69, Bill Linscott.  Tom was able to get Bill off his boat long enough to lay down some organ tracks in his Seattle studio.  So stay tuned for new music!

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back soon...Roll Tide Roll!