Sir Elton Rocks the House

A couple of months ago my Bride advised me that we would be attending Elton John’s performance at the Von Braun Center on March 4, 2015. So I purchased the (very expensive) tickets.

Now I have never been a big Elton John fan but I like his early rock and roll stuff. A little pre-concert investigation revealed that Elton’s band for this show included a couple of members of his original band.
Davy Johnstone, Elton’s long time guitarist and musical director, has always been a favorite of mine. And drummer Nigel Olssen does not suck.

So we went…and it was awesome! Elton really leaves it all out there. He played for two hours and forty-five minutes and everything he played was a hit. I don’t know how old that guy is but he still can tickle the ivories and belt out the vocals. And the band did not disappoint either. There wasn’t a seat to be had in the arena and I think EJ was really feeling the love.

Click on Elton’s picture to view a clip of a couple of my favorite EJ tunes captured by Vicki on her iPhone. The video is wonky in places largely because she was grooving to the music. You’ll need
QuickTime or a similar media player to view the clip. It takes the clip a minute or so to start so be patient.

Also, for your listening pleasure, I have added a couple of new tracks to the music page. Have a listen to the latest collaborations between myself and that Seattle-based duo, Tom and Bill Linscott. Let me know what you think. Thanks!